This, that, these, those

This, that, these, those as pronouns

  • We use “this” (singular) and “these” (plural) to talk about something near us.
  • This is my favorite T-shirt.
  • These are my favorite T-shirts.
  • This is a cat.
  • These are my cats.
  • We use “that” (singular) and “those” (plural) to talk about something far from us.
  • That is my phone.
  • Those are my phones.
  • That is my brother.
  • Those are my brothers.

This, that, these, those as determiners

A determiner is a word (such as the, some, my, this, that, these, those, etc.) that comes before a noun.

  • We use “this” and “that” with singular and uncountable nouns.
  • Please give this pencil to John.
  • This music makes me happy.
  • I’ll buy that book.
  • That beef is so raw.
  • We use “these” and “those” with plural nouns.
  • These performances are amazing.
  • Have a look at these sentences.
  • I love those beautiful memories.​​​​​​
  • Don’t touch those plants. They’re dangerous.​​​​​​​​


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