181 Common Phrasal Verbs List – with Meanings and Example Sentences (audio lessons)

“I’ve been learning English for years. I’ve been trying many different ways to improve my speaking. However, it’s still hard for me to sound like a native speaker. What can I do?”

Does this sound familiar to

Actually, to sound like a native English speaker requires a lot. But, phrasal verbs are probably the most important things you need to get good at in the first place.

But why?

In daily conversation, native English speakers use phrasal verbs A LOT.  They sound more friendly and are easy to understand. Just listen to native speakers talking, you’ll realize that most of the verbs used in the conversation are phrasal verbs. Therefore, learning phrasal verbs will open up a whole new world of possibilities for speaking English. 

What is a Phrasal verb?

A phrasal verb includes two parts: the main verb and a preposition or an adverb. Its meaning may be totally different from the original meaning of the main verb. 

For example, “to carry”
means to take something from one place to another. Can you guess the meaning of
the phrasal verb “carry out”?

The Oxford Learner’s Dictionary says that it means to do and complete a task. Does that surprise you?

Focus on common phrasal verbs first

There are thousands of phrasal verbs in English, but you don’t have to learn them all now. You just need to learn the most common ones first. In the lessons below, you will be given a phrasal verbs list which includes the most common phrasal verbs native speakers usually use in their daily life.

Each phrasal verb is well explained and demonstrated with phrasal verb meanings (definitions) together with phrasal verb examples. There are also high-quality audio recordings of the example which will definitely benefit your listening and speaking practice. 

Start the first lesson now, and start speaking like a native-like English speaker.

Phrasal verbs list with “Come”

  • Come up 
  • Come up with
  • Come across
  • Come around
  • Come about

  • Come along
  • Come out
  • Come back
  • Come over

  • Come through
  • Come apart
  • Come before
  • Come upon

Phrasal verbs list with “Take”

  • Take off
  • Take out
  • Take place
  • Take over
  • Take after

  • Take away
  • Take apart
  • Take on
  • Take up
  • Take up on

  • Take up with
  • Take down
  • Take against
  • Take aside
  • Take through

Phrasal verbs list with “Turn”

  • Turn on
  • Turn off
  • Turn out
  • Turn down

  • Turn over
  • Turn around
  • Turn away
  • Turn into

  • Turn against
  • Turn in
  • Turn up
  • Turn upside down

Phrasal verbs list with “Work”

  • Work on
  • Work out
  • Work up

  • Work through
  • Work to

  • Work off
  • Work against

Phrasal verbs list with “Pick”

  • Pick up
  • Pick out
  • Pick at
  • Pick on

  • Pick out
  • Pick off
  • Pick up on

  • Pick apart
  • Pick over
  • Pick through

Phrasal verbs list with “Get”

  • Get up
  • Get over
  • Get on with (so) 
  • Get rid of (st,so) 
  • Get out of (doing st) 
  • Get through to (so) 
  • Get away

  • Get together
  • Get back at SO
  • Get across
  • Get back with
  • Gack to
  • Get behind (with something)
  • Get down

  • Get in on
  • Get on
  • Get off
  • Get through
  • Get round
  • Get onto

Phrasal verbs list with “Put”

  • Put away
  • Put out 
  • Put off 
  • Put on

  • Put aside
  • Put back
  • Put in

  • Put across
  • Put forth/ forward
  • Put up with

Phrasal verbs list with “Look”

  • Look at
  • Look for
  • Look up
  • Look out/to watch out (for)

  • Look over/to go over/to read over/to check over
  • Look up to
  • Look ahead
  • Look down on
  • Look forward to

  • Look in on
  • Look to
  • Look through
  • Look upon as

Phrasal verbs list with “Stand”

  • Stand for 
  • Stand up
  • Stand out
  • Stand down

  • Stand by
  • Stand up to
  • Stand back
  • Stand up for

  • Stand over
  • Stand in
  • Stand against

Phrasal verbs list with “Go”

  • Go on/to keep on
  • Go about
  • Go along
  • Go away
  • Go for
  • Go over
  • Go across

  • Go after
  • Go against
  • Go ahead
  • Go along with
  • Go back on
  • Go before
  • Go down
  • Go under

  • Go into
  • Go off
  • Go off with
  • Go through
  • Go through with

Phrasal verbs list with “Make”

  • Make for
  • Make up
  • Make up for
  • Make over

  • Make out
  • Make of
  • Make off

  • Make out of
  • Make way
  • Make towards

Phrasal verbs list with “Give”

  • Give away
  • Give up
  • Give out
  • Give over

  • Give in 
  • Give off
  • Give back

  • Give it up for
  • Give onto
  • Give up on

Other common phrasal verbs

  • Try on
  • Think over
  • Sit down
  • Dress up
  • Tire out
  • Hang up
  • Count on/to depend on
  • Point out 
  • Figure out 
  • Wake up
  • Hurry up 
  • Lie down
  • Talk over

  • Break down
  • Give up
  • Cross out
  • Come across/to run across
  • Stay up
  • Rely on (upon)
  • Show up
  • Find out
  • Drop out of
  • Drop by/in
  • Believe in
  • Cheer up
  • Fade away

  • Sell out
  • Save up
  • Check out
  • Show off
  • Work out
  • Call off
  • Mess up
  • Narrow down
  • Rip off
  • Lay off
  • Follow up
  • Rule out
  • Call off
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