Welcome to Basic English Speaking!

This website was founded with a simple vision: To become your go-to resource to improve English speaking skills.

Hey, I’m Michelle Tran, an ESL English teacher.

After years teaching English to young learners as well as adults in Asian countries, I realized that that most of the speakers of other languages encounter a common problem. Although they show very good knowledge of English grammar and are able to write well-constructed sentences, they usually feel embarrassed, stuck or even couldn’t say a word when it comes to speaking.

I’ve figured out some reasons for this big issue.

  • Learners are taught with traditional teaching methodologies. Textbooks are heavily relied on and reading – writing skills are too much focused.
  • Learners are unable to access to desired English resources which provide audios and transcripts of native English speakers using the language in dialogues/ contexts.
  • Learners don’t have appropriate learning methodologies even when they are given necessary materials and good teaching.

Having studied all of these causes deeply, I decided to create this website to share what I’ve known and experienced about English learning with you. In this website, you’ll have thousands of opportunities to:

  • Approach communicative language learning materials which are way more purposeful, meaningful and interesting than boring textbooks and traditional teaching methodologies. Lessons cover all aspects of the language: what the words/ phrases mean, how they are pronounced, how they are used in different contexts and so on. Examples can’t be more real and detailed.
  • Get access to a variety of English authentic resources including high-quality audios of native English speakers together with transcripts.
  • Come across advanced methodologies with learning approaches, tips, principles, techniques, and much more.

I can’t wait to see how this website may impact your English learning path, passion and experience.