Structure: It’s no good/ use + V-ING, …

  • It’s no good/ use  + V-ING
  • It’s pointless/ useless/ hopeless/ a waste of time + Verb-ING
  • There’s no use/ point + Verb-ING
    •  Used to say that an action will not get an expected outcome

    It’s no good/ use + Verb-ING

    • It’s no good/ use looking for it here. You lost it 2 weeks ago.
    • It’s no good/ use asking her for help. She will never care.
    • It’s no good/ use talking to him. He won’t listen.

    It's pointless/ useless/ hopeless/ a waste of time + Verb-ING

    • It’s pointless repairing that car. It’s time for a new car.
    • It’s useless crying. You’d better figure out the solutions.
    • It’s just a waste of time contacting Jane. She’s lost her phone.

    There’s no use/ point + Verb-ING

    • There’s no use/ point writing to her. She will not reply.
    • There’s no use/ point advising her. She’s such a stubborn girl.
    • There’s no use/ point shouting here. No one will listen.


    I/ you/ we/ they

    He/ she/ it/ James


    I/ you/ we/ they + bare infinitive

    We go to bed early.

    He/ she/ it/ James + Verb – s/ es
    She goes to bed early.


    I/ you/ we/ they + do not + bare infinitive
    Do not = don’t
    They don’t go to bed early.

    He/ she/ it/ James + does not + bare infinitive
    Does not = doesn’t

    James doesn’t go to bed early.


    Do + I/ you/ we/ they + bare infinitive?
    Do they go to bed early?

    Does + he/ she/ it/ James + bare infinitive?
    Does she go to bed early?


    • To talk about general truths
    • The Sun rises in the East
    • To give instructions or directions
    • Don’t open that box. Throw it away.
    • To talk about something that is fixed in the future
    • The bus leaves at 8 pm. Hurry up!

    Signal words:

    Always, usually, often, sometimes, seldom, never, every day, every week, every month, every year, on Sundays, after school, before school


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