Present Perfect Continuous Tense



Subject + has/ have + been + Verb-ING

She’s been waiting here for 2 hours.


Subject + has/ have + not + been + Verb-ING

Has not = hasn’t

Have not = haven’t

She hasn’t been waiting here for 2 hours.


Has/ Have + Subject + been + Verb-ING?

Has she been waiting here for 2 hours?


  •  To talk about an unfinished action or things with the connection between the past and the present
  • I have been working here since 1990.
  • Compare present perfect and present perfect continuous

Present Perfect

Present Perfect Continuous


Talk about an action that began in the past and is still going on or has just finished


Emphasize an action that is completed

I have already done my homework.

 (I have finished homework.)

Emphasize that something is not finished

I have been doing my homework since 3 pm.

 (I am still doing homework.)

Talk about how much/many have been completed

 My mom has made 11 cookies.

Talk about how long something has been happening

 My mom has been making cookies for 3 hours.

Talk about permanent situations

I have lived here for 10 years.

Talk about more temporary situations

 Ex: I have been living here for 2 weeks.

Signal words:

Since, for, how long


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