Do or make


  •  “Do” is used to talk about jobs, work or tasks. No physical objects are produced.
  • Expressions with “do”


Work/ study

General things

do the shopping

do the project

do my best

do the dishes

do homework

do a favor

do the laundry

do the assignment

do harm

do the cooking

do the task

do good

do the washing up

do business

do the ironing

do a job

do the gardening

do the work

do the cleaning

do an exercise

do a report

do the painting

do a drawing

do a course

do an activity


  • “Make” is used to talk about producing, constructing or creating something new.
  • Expressions with “make”





make food

make a plan

make money

make friends

make breakfast

make a list

make a profit

make love

make lunch

make a change

make a loss

make a phone call

make dinner

make an effort

make an apology

make tea/ coffee

make a guess

make a complaint

make noodles

make a mistake

make a comment

make a cake

make progress

make a suggestion

make a sandwich

make a decision

make a prediction

make salad

make a promise

make soup

make an excuse

make an agreement

make an appointment


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