Conjunction: and, but, so, because

  •  A conjunction is a word used to connect other words, phrases and clauses together.
  • Common conjunctions: and, but, or, because, so
  • And: also, in addition to. “And” is used when the statements are similar.
  • He’s 10 and she’s 12.
  • My mom and dad are teachers.
  • Tim usually practices the piano and plays football at weekend.
  • But: however, despite this. “But” is used to connect two opposite ideas.
  • I love ice cream, but he loves apples.
  • It’s sunny and hot, but I like it.
  • She’s 40 years old, but she looks much younger than her real age.
  • Or is used to express choices.
  • Do you like playing football or badminton?
  • Would you like tea or juice?
  • Who’s taller? Michael or Tom?
  • So is used to link between cause/ reason and results
  • He’s hungry so he gets some food.
  • The weather isn’t very nice so we don’t go camping.
  • He lost the key so he couldn’t get into his room.
  • Because is used to give reasons.
  • She doesn’t go to school because she’s sick.
  • Because it rains, I wear a raincoat.
  • Kate was happy because she won the competition.


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