Idioms about Health

1. Ill at ease
  • To feel worried or uncomfortable.

She looked ill at ease when she had to do public speaking.

He was ill at ease when he was on his first date with her.

I feel ill at ease around smokers.

2. Breathe one's last
  • To die.

He breathed his last yesterday.

My grandma was really depressed when my grandpa breathed his last.

My uncle always desired to find his lost son before he breathed his last.

3. Catch a cold
  • To become ill with a cold.

‘What’s the matter with Harry?’ ‘He caught a cold after the summer camp.’

I caught a cold from my roommate.

I think Eric caught a cold. He looked very tired yesterday.

4. Fall ill
  • To suddenly become ill.

The students all fell ill after trying the new drink at the summer camp.

Diana fell ill after the death of her husband.

Make sure the kids don’t fall ill just before the exam.

5. At death's door
  • To be very sick and at the point of dying.

My grandpa was so ill. The doctor said he was at death’s door.

The little boy is at death's door after the car crash.

Jane is so pessimistic, she always thinks she’s at death's door even when she catches a cold.

6. Nothing but skin and bones
  • To be extremely thin.

The kids there have nothing to eat. They’re nothing but skin and bones.

The old man was at death’s door. He was nothing but skin and bones.

After three months of illness, my cat is nothing but skin and bones.

7. Safe and sound
  • To be unharmed or safe from danger.

Make sure everyone is safe and sound after the earthquake.

My mom was happy we arrived home safe and sound.

Some days later, he was found safe and sound.

8. Get/have/give someone a black eye
(usually after being struck)
  • To have a dark bruise around your eye as a result of being hit,
    to damage someone’s reputation.

Although he won the fight, he got a black eye.

He was so drunk, he didn’t remember why he got a black eye.

Because he was born into prestige, his scandal gave a black eye to his family.

9. Recharge one's batteries
  • To take a break, relax to gain one’s energy after an exhausting time.

Don’t work too hard. Let’s go to the beach and recharge our batteries.

She asked for some time off to recharge her batteries after the project.

A day of staying home and listening to music should recharge my batteries.

10. Under the weather
  • To feel ill.

John had a day off from work today because he felt under the weather.

‘Hey, Lisa, would you like to go out with us tonight?’ ‘Well, I’m a bit under the weather today. I think I need some rest.’

Because it’s getting colder, my grandpa feels under the weather.

11. You are what you eat.
  • Your health is connected to your eating habits. You’ll be healthy if you eat good food and you’ll be unhealthy if you eat bad food.

‘Mom, can I have some more fried chicken, please?’ ‘That’s enough, sweetie. You are what you eat.’

To stay fit, you must eat less junk food and eat more vegetables. You are what you eat.

My personal trainer at the gym always reminds me that you are what you eat.

12. As pale as a ghost
  • To look extremely pale due to fear.

The little girl was as pale as a ghost when she saw the giant monster on the screen.

Phillip looked as pale as a ghost when the car nearly hit him on the road.

After the nightmare, I am as pale as a ghost.

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