Idioms about Dreams

1. Beyond your wildest dreams
  • To be much better than you could imagine.

My first prize in the beauty pageant last night was beyond my wildest dreams.

She had never thought of a 9 in the math test, but she got a 10. That result was beyond her wildest dreams.

The project succeeded beyond our wildest dreams.

2. Daydream about someone or something
  • To have pleasant thoughts and to want these thoughts to happen in real life.

I can’t believe that I am now the manager of a multinational corporation. I used to daydream about this when I was little.

I have a big crush on James. I always daydream about him.

Don’t daydream about being a millionaire when you don’t take any actions. Draw up a plan to make your dream come true.

3. In one's dreams
  • Used to say that something is unlikely to happen.

Jim will win the contest only in his dreams.

‘I think I can make Tom love me.’ ‘In your dreams. He’s been with his pretty and sexy girlfriend for years.’

He proposed to me in my dreams.

4. A dream come true
  • To achieve what you’ve wished or hoped for after a long time.

The project succeeded brilliantly. It was a dream come true.

Seeing that talented singer once in my life is my dream come true.

I never thought that I could have my own live music show. It was my dream come true.

5. Keep someone’s feet on the ground
  • To have a calm, sensible and practical (rather than unrealistic) attitude toward life.

In spite of her overnight success, she always keeps her feet on the ground.

In most situations, you should keep your feet on the ground. Don’t get carried away.

Jane is a creative girl but she always keeps her feet firmly on the ground.

6. Bring someone back down to earth
  • To make someone suddenly remember reality after an exciting experience, a hopeful dream or an unrealistic plan.

His startup will not be as easy as it seems. Let’s bring him back down to earth.

Kathy dreams of being a famous singer even though she has a terrible voice. We need to bring her back down to earth.

I was very excited about going to the party tonight but the pile of math homework brought me back down to the earth.

7. Broken dreams
  • Hopes or dreams that cannot be fulfilled.

Studying abroad is always my share of broken dreams.

I would like to be an athlete one day but since my leg was seriously injured in a car crash, that desire is full of broken dreams.

Nick had his share of broken dreams in his first relationship.

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