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097. Would you care for …?

  ->used for asking politely whether someone would like something I. EXAMPLES: Would you care for something to drink? Would you care for some tea? Would you like to borrow my car? Would you like to try yourself? II. DIALOGUES: Waiter: How was your meal? Customer: It was delicious. Waiter: Would you care for some dessert? Customer: What do you recommend? Waiter:  There’s […]

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096. Why not…?

  I. EXAMPLES: Why not try to persuade him to give up smoking? Why don’t you go ask the teacher? Why not buy some ready-made food? A: Let’s go to see a film tonight. B: Sure, why not? II. DIALOGUES: Teacher:  I’d like you to introduce the guest speaker at  the student assembly today. Student: Why […]

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095. Whether or not…

  -> under whatever circumstances; regardless I. EXAMPLES: Whether it rains or not, we’ll hold the sports meet. They’ll find out the truth, whether or not you tell it to them. Whether or not we like it, we have to accept it. Whether you are willing or not, you have to do it. II. DIALOGUES: A: I don’t like […]

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091. What’s the use of…?

  ->used for saying that something is not likely to have a successful result, and so there is no point in doing it I. EXAMPLES: What’s the use of talking about it? What’s the use of crying over spilt milk? What’s the point of arguing with her? What’s the point of worrying about it? II. DIALOGUES: A: How long have you been studying English? B: Over ten years now, but my English is not very fluent […]

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