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097. Would you care for …?

  ->used for asking politely whether someone would like something I. EXAMPLES: Would you care for something to drink? Would you care for some tea? Would you like to borrow my car? Would you like to try yourself? II. DIALOGUES: Waiter: How was your meal? Customer: It was delicious. Waiter: Would you care for some dessert? Customer: What do you recommend? Waiter:  There’s […]

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096. Why not…?

  I. EXAMPLES: Why not try to persuade him to give up smoking? Why don’t you go ask the teacher? Why not buy some ready-made food? A: Let’s go to see a film tonight. B: Sure, why not? II. DIALOGUES: Teacher:  I’d like you to introduce the guest speaker at  the student assembly today. Student: Why […]

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091. What’s the use of…?

  ->used for saying that something is not likely to have a successful result, and so there is no point in doing it I. EXAMPLES: What’s the use of talking about it? What’s the use of crying over spilt milk? What’s the point of arguing with her? What’s the point of worrying about it? II. DIALOGUES: A: How long have you been studying English? B: Over ten years now, but my English is not very fluent […]

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