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079. We’d better…

  ->give advice about specific situations; would be wise to do something . I. EXAMPLES: We’d better buy a computer. You’d better not ask him. You had best accept his success. You had best set out early. II. DIALOGUES: A: I heard the temperature is going to drop dramatically tonight. B: Really? A: Yes, so […]

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072. Thanks to…

  -> similar meaning with “Because of” , express gratitude being due to someone or something; with the benefit of help from I. EXAMPLES: Thanks to their help, we accomplished the task on time. Thanks to computers, lots of tasks are now easier. Thanks to your timely warning, I didn’t make a mistake. Thanks to your stupidity, we […]

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071. Speaking of…

  -> say speaking of something that has just been mentioned as away of introducing a new topic which has some connection with that thing. I. EXAMPLES: Speaking of the movies, have you seen “The Patriot”? Speaking of honesty, I know a lot of people who don’t pay bus fares. Speaking of Ben, have you seen […]

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