What make Effortless English the best English speaking course ?

Many English learners sent email to us asking  which English speaking course is the best to help them improve their English speaking. And we always recommend Effortless English as the best course to help people learn spoken English. If this is the first times you come up with Effortless English, you can discover what make it the best course as below :

About Effortless English

Effortless English was created and developed by an English teacher named AJ. Hoge. He observed the way students learn English in traditional school and he realized that t something is wrong there: students can not speak English well through years and years of learning . He realized that  the teaching  methods  in school will  not help student actually speak English. Many students know a lot of grammar rules, a lot of vocabulary but when it comes time to speak, they are not able to use them. From these experiences, AJ. Hoge developed a new system that help students to learn spoken English easier and faster and that system is Effortless English. The current lessons of this system called   Power English lessons . This is the most powerful lessons of Effortless English system through years of development.

Why this program works

Below are reason why Effortless English is the best program for people to learn spoken English

  • With Effortless English system, you learn English with your ears, not with your eyes. Reading a lot of textbooks, vocabulary books, grammar books will not help you improve your speaking . You learn pronunciation by listening. You learn vocabulary by listening. You learn grammar by listening. Listening is the key to excellent English speaking .
  • Effortless English uses ask-and-answer technique( in Mini-story lessons). This will help you always concentrate on the lessons, you learn English in the active way. Another benefit of the questions is that you will get a lot of repetition that help you learn much faster and remember longer. The questions are super easy so that you can answer very quickly and automatically without translating from your language to English. That will help to train your brain to think in English.
  • Effortless English help you learn grammar subconciously and naturally with Point of View lessons. You will be able to use grammar correctly and automatically and never need to think about grammar rules.
  • Effortless English uses Deep learning method . Deep learning is the secret to speaking easily. It’s not enough to know a word or a phrase, you need to put it deeply into your brain so that you can use it easily and naturally 

Why you should try Effortless English to learn spoken English

  •  You learn grammar  and vocabulary automatically, you don’t have to try memorizing grammar rules and words anymore. You don’t have to memorize anything.
  • You learn real English that native speaker use in conversation, movies, TV shows, stories…. not textbooks English. The truth is you must learn real English if you want to understand native speakers and speak easily.
  • You feel relax and comfortable while learning since you don’t try to memorize anything and the lessons are always funny. That is an important factor that really help you learn English faster.
  • You don’t need textbooks or grammar books. You can learn English at anywhere with your smartphone or MP3 player  since the lessons are mp3 audio files.
  • You will gradually think in English. It’s extremely important to speak English easily. By applying listen-and-answer and deep learning system, you will no longer translate from your language to English while you’re speaking.
  • The content of lessons are awsome, they are extremely useful that you can not find in any others English course. The topic of almost lessons is all about psychology of learning and psychology of success. In these lessons, you learn how to learn English faster and more importantly, you will learn how to achieve your goal, how to achieve success in your bussiness and personal life, how to be happy and much more. You will learn some such things like Emotional mastery, belief, role model, Kaizen way, The Attractor Factor, Unlimited Power,These ideas can change your life !
  • Effortless English uses techniques developed by the top linguistics experts all over the world like Dr. James Asher, Dr. Stephen Krashen, Blaine Ray,  Dr. Ashley Hastings, Dr. Brenda Murphy and through years, it becomes one of the most favorite English speaking course of many English learners. Effortless English lessons are best-sellers in over 25 countries and  this program has helped over 1 million people speak English easily and quickly. 

If you follow Effortless English everyday for 6 months, you will be able to speak English easily and fluently. It’s not difficult to find many success story with this course. Below is an one of them that we found recently. We hope that this story help you change your belief about learning English. You can learn English very fast if you use the right method. Click below link to read the story:

Not everyone can speak fluently after just 5 months of learning like this guy, but if you learn regularly everyday with Effortless English, you will make incredible improvements in your English speaking .

You can learn more about Effortless English program at some links below:


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P/S… Effortless English focuses exclusively on speaking and listening skills. If you are looking for a course that help you increase writing skill or vocabulary, this program will be not for you.


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