The best way to learn English vocabulary, part 3: Accelerate learning process

In part 1 and part 2 of this post series, you learned the importance of Core vocabulary and how to use the Free reading technique to acquire the most common words and phrases. Today you will discover two tools to make Free reading technique more powerful:

1. On Translator( Free software) 

If you intend to use online materials for your learning(and you should do that !), then  On translator software is the tool you must have. This software will help you save tons of time. It allows you to translate from English to over 50 different languages(and vice versa) in just a second . After you have this software installed on your computer, you can open your web browser to begin using it. Whenever you face a new word(or a word you don’t remember its meaning) while reading online, just select this word and click “translate” icon on the pop-up window and you will see its meaning instantly. This software is powered by Google Translate. You can download this software at :

2. Ultimate Vocabulary (Paid software)

In order to achieve great results with Free reading technique, you need to read a lot. Many researches show that a person will need to get exposed to a word at least  5 to 10 times to master it. In case you don’t have much time for reading, chance for you to see a word 5 to 10 times is very low. Getting exposed to a word less than 5 times is not enough to put it into your long-term memory. If you don’t get exposed the same word again in next few days, you will forget it shortly. Fortunately, there is a powerful software named Ultimate Vocabulary that will help you solve this problem. You do not need to spend a lot of time for reading using Free reading technique, but still learn many new words very deeply and effectively. Less time for more word ! It sounds exciting, right ?

Why do we recommend this software and how can it help you learn vocabulary faster ?

In our opinion, Ultimate Vocabulary is the best Vocabulary building software on the market today. You can easily find many outstanding features  in this software. In this post, we  only mention to one of the best feature and that feature is all you need to make the Free reading  technique more powerful.

Let take a look at Free reading technique. You will learn the most common words  by facing a certain word over and over again in various contexts and in different sentence structures. That is the key to learn vocabulary deeply. You must see  a certain word many times in many different sentences. And the great thing here is that Ultimate Vocabulary provides up to 50 usage examples for every word. Read below post to know why you must learn new words in context

Why should you learn vocabulary in context?

Follow the steps below to speed up your learning :

  • Select appropriate materials for your reading. Online material is the best.
  • Implement Free reading technique . Use On translator software to help you read faster.
  • In case you face a certain word several times, then that word is a common word you need to learn. Check this word in Ultimate Vocabulary software and add this word to your own list( this software allows you to create your words list). With 50 examples and illustrated images, you will learn this word very deeply.
  • Review your words list frequently. You can use many other features such as games, activities, tests,… to help you master new words faster.

By combining Free reading technique, On translator and Ultimate Vocabulary , you learn vocabulary in the most powerful way. Thanks to technology !

You can learn more about Ultimate Vocabulary and buy this software at this address:

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