How are common phrases important to your English speaking ?

When you learn to speak a new language whether English or different language, you should pay attention to the most common phrases that are used in that language. Beside common vocabulary, common phrases are one of the most important factors that decide whether or not you can speak a new language well in the short period of time. Why are common phrases so important to your success ?

A Common phrase is a group of words put together in order. It has a meaning different from the meaning of all individual words put together. Therefore, you have to learn and remember the whole phrase.

Common phrases are used in virtually any daily conversations of native English speakers. If you want to improve your English speaking quickly, you must learn the way native speakers speak, learn the phrases they often use.

Furthermore, it is easier to memorize and recall a long phrase or sentence than a single word. This fact is especially true when developing listening skills because you will be more likely to recognize and understand a long phrase than a single word.

The same thing happens when you speak. If you use common phrases when you speak, native speakers will be more likely to understand what you want to say although your pronunciation may  not  be  really  good  yet.

For  example,  if  you  asked  a native English speaker: “Is your health good?” as a greeting, he would not understand.

In terms of grammar structure, this sentence is correct. But native English speakers still do not understand simply because they never say it that way.

In other words, the sound in this case is not familiar to them in this particular context. However, if  you say: “how are you?”  or  “how  are  you  doing?” ,they will  understand immediately no matter how bad your pronunciation is.

In conclusion, learning the most common phrases that native English speakers use is one of the fastest way to learn Spoken English.

You must focus on English phrases, not individual words.

It is also the basic rule of every good English speaking course.

On this website, you will find up to 100 common English phrases and sentence structures to help you improve your English speaking.

Take time for these lessons, and you will improve your English fast.

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