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Common Expressions

This is the first thing you need to learn if you want to speak English easily. Learn the most common phrases and short sentences that much used in different situations in every day conversation.

Common Sentence Patterns

Learn common English structures and sentence patterns. If you master just one sentence pattern, you can make hundreds of correct sentences. After you finish this lesson series, you will be able to make English sentences quite easily.

Daily English Conversation by Topics

This lesson series will help you learn how to speak English in some common topics in daily life. You will learn how to make a conversation as well as some common vocabularies in a specific topic.

(New lesson series will be added in the coming weeks...)

Did you know that...?

If you want to learn spoken English and improve your English speaking very fast, you need to learn and practice the most common things in English: Common Expressions, Common Phrases and Idioms, Common Sentence Patterns,....

​And you can learn all of these important lessons right here - on this website, for FREE!

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