069. On one hand…on the other hand…


-> use this expression when you are speaking about two different facts or two opposite ways of thinking about a situation.


On one hand, it’s convenient, but on the other hand, it’s time-consuming.

On one hand, he is very obedient to his wife; on the other hand, he treats his parents badly.

On one hand,  Jason does everything in the  office;  on the other hand,  he does nothing at home.

As a teacher, he is very patient in class; but on the other hand, he is not so patient with his own child.


A: What do you think of Shakespeare?

B:  On one hand his plays are very interesting to watch but on the other hand they are hard to read.

A: I feel the same way sometimes.

B: So what do you do?

A: I just try to catch the general meaning of each sentence.

B: That sounds like a good idea.

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