056. It’s said that…



It is said that he is quite a handsome young man.

It’s said that a new president will be appointed.

It  should be pointed out  that  your proposals are theoretically correct  but practically impossible.

It has been proven that your method is the best.

It will be noted that what they have done to him is wrong.


Judge: So, you’ve come to beg for the life of your son?

Woman: Yes, Your honor.

Judge: And why do you think I should pardon him?

Woman: It is said that you are a just but merciful man.

Judge: Mercy is given to those who show mercy.

Woman: But, Your honor, he’s my son, my own flesh and blood.

Judge: He may be your own flesh and blood, but he’s a cold-blooded murderer.

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Carmine Saporito - May 13, 2017

Very good lessons, thanks


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