“Them” in a Sentence (with Audio)

Examples of how to use the word “them” in a sentence. How to connect “them” with other words to make correct English sentences.

them (n, pro): used, usually as the object of a verb or preposition, to refer to people, things, animals, situations, or ideas that have already been mentioned

Use “them” in a sentence

All of them are very poor.
A hotel room is being prepared for them.
You are the only one who can protect them.
All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.
I haven’t seen them recently.
I don’t see any relation between them.
No one can separate them.
I need a sharp knife to cut them out.
There’s a slight difference between them.
She stepped aside to let them pass.
I wrote to them last month and I’m still waiting for a reply.
I don’t know either of them.
I invited them to the party.

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