“Still” in a Sentence (with Audio)

Examples of how to use the word “still” in a sentence. How to connect “still” with other words to make correct English sentences.

still (adv, adj): continuing to happen or continuing to be done; staying in the same position; not moving

Use “still” in a sentence

He’s alive, his heart is still beating.
There’s still plenty of room for improvement.
Are you still at the office?
He’s still living with his parents.
The railway is still under construction.
He’s still recovering from his operation.
This area is still very rural.
We still have space for one more person.
He still has a curious and youthful spirit.
It is still in the testing stage.
The paint was still sticky.
I wrote to them last month and I’m still waiting for a reply.
I still have a lot of work to do.
Can you still remember where we first met?

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