“Sentence” in a Sentence (with Audio)

Examples of how to use the word “sentence” in a sentence. How to connect “sentence” with other words to make correct English sentences.

sentence (n): a group of words, usually containing a verb, that expresses a thought in the formof a statement, question, instruction, or exclamation and starts with a capitalletter when written

Use “sentence” in a sentence

There is an error in this sentence.
Please correct the following sentence.
Translate the following sentences into English.
How do you interpret these sentences?
There is only one interpretation for this sentence.
The judge sentenced him to five years in prison.
This sentence doesn’t make sense.
What does this sentence mean?
Make a sentence with this word.
You should rewrite this sentence, It does not make sense.
This is a simple sentence.
This sentence has various meanings.

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