Making an Appointment in English

If you want to make an appointment as well as cancel an appointment, then here are some common phrases and expressions you can use:


Making Appointment:

Can we meet on the 14th?
Can we meet next Friday?
Are you available on the 14th?
Are you free next week?
Let’s meet this evening.
When can I talk to you?
Can I meet you tomorrow afternoon?
How about tomorrow afternoon?
Is next Monday convenient for you?
Do you have any time available this week?
When would be a good time to meet you?
Would today evening be all right?
Can you give me an appointment on Sunday?

Accepting an appointment:

Sure. I’ll come.
Yes, Sunday is fine.
Friday would be perfect.
I’ll be there at that time.

Canceling/rejecting an appointment:

Sorry. I have another appointment at that time.
I’m sorry. I can’t come.
I’m afraid I can’t on the 14th.
I’m sorry, I won’t be able to make it on Sunday.
Sorry. I don’t think I can make it.



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