Expressing Regret in English

Below are some useful expressions and structures to use when you want to express your regret about something that you did or did not do.


I wish/If only + Past perfect

 I wish I had come to your party!
 I wish I had worked harder.
 If only I hadn’t eaten so much.
 If only I had driven more carefully.

I should have (not) + Past Participle

 I should have come to your party.
 I should have worked harder.
 I should haven’t eaten so much.
 I should have driven more carefully.

I regret +Noun/V-ing

 I regret not coming to your party.
 I regret not working harder.
 I regret eating so much.
 I regret leaving you alone.
 I regret the things I didn’t do when I had the chance.

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