“Different” in a Sentence (with Audio)

Examples of how to use the word “different” in a sentence. How to connect “different” with other words to make correct English sentences.

different (adj): not the same

Use “different” in a sentence

He is very different from his brother.
My opinion is entirely different from yours.
They sell 10 different flavors of ice cream.
Each individual is different from another.
We have different political views.
This factory produces over 20 different kinds of product.
I suggest a different approach to this problem.
There are a number of different theories about the cause of the disease.
Let’s approach this problem from a different angle.
To avoid confusion, the teams wore different colors.
They are sold in different colors.
I tried many different methods.
Their lifestyle is different from ours.
My camera is different from yours.
As a child, she was sent to six different schools.

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