What’re your favorite means of communication?
I prefer talking directly to people.

How to you keep in touch with your friends?
I’m so busy that I don’t often hang out with friends, so I usually get in touch with them using social networks or phone.

Do you get in touch with your family by phone?
Yes, I do. I live away from my family, so phone would be an ideal means of communication.

Do you usually write letters or emails?
I used to write letters when the Internet hasn’t been used widely. Now I prefer emails due to its convenience.

What are some advantages of using a mobile phone?
That’s the easiest means of communication, I think. Mobile phones are portable. Just dial the numbers and you can immediately get connected with anyone you want.

Do you like handwriting letters?
Yes, I do. I like to keep handwriting letters as keepsakes.

Do you use social networks?
Yes, the youth now can hardly live without social networks.

Do you need communication skills using social networks?
Sure. Even in social networks.

How have social networks changed communication?
People prefer talking online rather than directly. Because of the illusion of social networks, people tend to forget necessary skills to communicate with others in real life.

Do you have good communication skills in your opinion?
Maybe yes. People are quite happy talking to me.

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ROSE - September 12, 2017

Enjoy English praises.Thank you.

Alban Moubeyi Ibala - January 15, 2018

Hello I am really happy for coming across your site but I would like to know if it’s possible to get the audio material of the conversation skill.
Thanks a lot for helping me.


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