Are you an animal lover?
Yes, I am. I love animals.

Are you raising any pets?
Yes, I have a pitbull puppy at home.

What is it like?
My puppy is friendly, highly intelligent and well-behaved. He always waves his tail and licks my hand to welcome me home.

What does it look like?
He’s a medium-sized puppy with a strong neck, broad chest and brown hair.

What are its habits?
My Pitbull puppy loves doing exercise every day. When he plays, he plays to win.

What do you usually do with it?
We usually play tennis together. My puppy helps me pick up tennis balls.

What does it like to eat?
He loves beef, chicken and some dairy products.

What do you learn from it?
He teaches me loyalty. An adult pitbull may make me feel safe.

Why do people keep pets?
They consider pets as their loyal companions which make their life better.

Are pets well looked after in your country?
Yes. People in my country love pets.

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