“About” in a Sentence (with Audio)

about (adv, prep): relating to; concerning; on the subject of

Use “about” in a sentence

What do you really think about it?
I don’t care about your past.
What do you think about that issue?
He genuinely cares about me.
What is he angry about?
Do you have any information about the project?
She is worried about her weight.
Don’t worry about it.
Our house is worth about 150,000 dollars.
He seems anxious about the meeting.
How do you feel about it?
I work about 40 hours a week.
Don’t worry too much about unimportant things.
We’re very excited about the trip.
Nobody tells me about it.
I wonder why she didn’t tell me about it.
Don’t talk about work. We’re on vacation.

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