A Favorite Subject


What subjects did you learn in school?
I learned Math, Science, Physics, Biology, Geography, History, Literature, English, Art, and Music.

What subject did you like the most when you were at school? Were you good at it?
I liked Biology the most although I was excellent at Literature.

Did your friends like that subject too?
Yes, they did. They enjoyed every single Biology lesson.

Was the textbook written in English or any other language?
It was written in English.

Who taught that subject?
My teacher was Ms. Karen, from the USA.

How was that subject helpful to you?
It helped me a lot in becoming a Biology teacher.

How often did you learn that subject?
I often had Biology lessons 5 times a week.

How long did you spend on that subject at home?
I spent roughly 2 hours per day studying Biology at home.

Have you ever attended any extra classes for that subject?
Yes, I have. I usually attended evening classes.

Is it important to study hard on both social sciences and natural sciences?
No, it isn’t. Students should study the ones they like and those that are helpful to their career path.

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