What type of museum is popular in your country?
There are many types of museums, but the most popular are historical museums.

What is the most famous museum in your country?
That would be The British Museum, located in London.

What’s special about it?
I’m impressed by its large amount of historical, art, and cultural work.

How many times have you visited that museum?
I have visited the museum twice.

What do you usually do when visiting a museum?
I usually listen to the tour guide and take notes about important information.

Are you allowed to take pictures there?
No, the guards did not allow us to bring the camera in.

How did you feel after visiting there?
The overall experience was fantastic, and I learned so many things in just a few hours.

What do you think is the importance of museums in history?
Museums are an integral part of any country’s history, and they keep history alive.


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