Plastic Surgery

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Is plastic surgery popular in your country?
Not really. People in my country are not so interested in plastic surgery.

What do you think about people having plastic surgery?
It’s hard to say. As long as they find happiness in what they’re doing, it’s fine.

Why do you think people do it?
They want to gain a better look, I believe. That’s understandable.

Is plastic surgery bad?
It’s bad for health in a long run.

Does it do harm to your health?
Sure, there are several unhealthy substances in the medical treatments which may be harmful to your body.

Do you think changing your look is a good thing?
Yes, I can’t deny that changing for a better appearance is what people should do. But don’t abuse plastic surgery or you will face serious health problems later on.

Do you think the development of plastic surgery is a positive or negative trend?
It’s more a positive trend, I guess. Thanks to plastic surgery, people who have imperfect outlook now can make themselves look more attractive.

Do you care more about your outlook or inner soul?
As for me, the inner soul does matter more although outside appearance is important, too.

What is a part of your face that you wish to change?
Although there are some imperfect parts in my face, I have no wish to change any. I love the initial appearance my parents gave me.

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