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On what occasions do people in your country celebrate parties?
There are many occasions when people throw parties such as New Year, Wedding, Family reunion, Birthday, etc, but sometimes people hold parties just when they meet up and want to have something fun.

Are you a party animal?
Yes, I am. I am crazy about going to parties. I love meeting friends, drinking and talking.

When do the parties often start and finish?
It depends on what kind of party it is. But I believe the perfect time to have a party is in the evening, from 8-11 pm.

Where are the parties thrown?
They are held inside or outside. Some formal events like wedding, housewarming are organized inside while others like family reunion, birthday may be held outside.

What do people do to prepare for the party?
Before the party, the host has to put on the decoration, go shopping for food and drink, cook meals and maybe set up the sound system.

What do you usually wear when you come to the party?
I often wear casual clothes like T-shirt and jeans if I go to informal parties, and suit, dress for the formal ones.

What do people do in the parties you attended?
At the party, people talk, eat and drink together. Some get there to find out business opportunities with partners.

Do you enjoy drinking alcohol at the parties?
Yes, a little beer would cheer me up.

Do people have to bring anything to the party?
It is not required. But sometimes visitors bring some gifts to show their love to the host.

Why do people, especially the youth, love going to parties?
It is just a good way for them to chill out after hard-working hours.


a party animal (idiom): someone who likes going to parties a lot and goes to as many as possible

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