Expressions for Agreeing and Disagreeing in English

Here are some common phrases and expressions you can use to express your agreement or disagreement in English.



 I completely agree.
 You’re absolutely right.
 I agree with you entirely.
 I totally agree with you.
 I couldn’t agree more.
 You’re right.
 Me too!
 I agree.
 I see exactly what you mean!
 That’s exactly what I think.
 There is no doubt about it.

Partly agreeing:

 I agree up to a point, but …
 That’s partly true, but …
 That may be true, but…
 I see your point, but …
 I guess so, but…
 That seems obvious, but…
 I’m not so sure about that.


 I don’t agree!
 I don’t agree with you.
 I totally disagree!
 I’m sorry, but I disagree.
 Absolutely not!
 I’m afraid I can’t agree with you.
 That’s not right!
 That’s not always true.
 I don’t think so.
 No, that’s not true.
 No way!

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