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Common expressions and phrases in English

Expressing Shock in English

Here are some common expressions and phrases for expressing shock in English:    I was shocked to hear…  We’re all in complete shock.  Who could have predicted it?  I was stunned by…  The news came as a complete shock.  That’s the last thing I expected.  You’re kidding!  I’d never have guessed.  Oh, my god! Really?

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Expressing Prohibition in English

Here are some common phrases and expressions for expressing prohibition in English:    It is forbidden to…  You are not allowed to …  You are not permitted to…  It is prohibited to …  You must not …  You are not to…  You can’t… Examples:  You are not allowed to smoke in this area.  It is […]

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Expressing Disapointment in English

Here are some useful phrases and expressions you can use to show your disappointment:    That’s too bad.  How disappointing!  That’s so disappointing!  Oh no, what a shame!  It’s a great shame.  It’s a little bit disappointing, isn’t it!  It didn’t live up to my expectations.  What a pity!  What a letdown!  What a bummer! […]

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Giving Bad News in English

In case you have to give bad news to someone, you can use the following English phrases and expressions:   Giving bad news:  I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news for you…  I’m so sorry but…  I’m sorry to have to tell you that …  I know this isn’t what you want to hear but… […]

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Giving Good News in English

Here are some useful phrases and expressions for giving good news in English.   Giving good news:  I’ve got some good news for you…  I’ve got a bit of good news for you…  I’m really pleased to tell you…  I’m really happy to inform you that…  I have some amazing news for you…  Are you […]

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Expressing Ability in English

You can you Can/Could, Be able to for expressing ability in English. Here are some examples:   Asking about ability:  Can you lift this table?  Can you speak English?  Can you help me?  Can you play the piano?  Will you able to come to my birthday party this weekend?  Are you able to go out with […]

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Interrupting People in English

In a conversation, sometimes you need to interrupt another person who is speaking to disagree with their point or to ask for clarification. Below are some useful phrases and expressions for interrupting people politely in English.    Excuse me for interrupting, but…  Sorry for interrupting but….  May I interrupt for a minute?  May I say […]

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