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What practical skill have you learned?
Cooking is the practical skill that I have practiced recently.

Who taught you that skill?
My mom is the best cooking teacher. She taught me everything about how to make soup, salad, omelette, cake, etc.

How have you learned it?
She shows me how to buy food, prepare ingredients, and cook meals whenever she’s in the kitchen. I learn how to boil, grill, steam, fry, braise, etc day by day.

Why have you learned it?
I just want to be a good cook like my mom when I get married. I will prepare best dishes for my husband and children.

How long have you learned it?
I have learned it for 4 years. The skill seems to be strengthened when I live apart from my family for studying.

How often do you use this skill?
I cook every day. I also love home-made food.

How has this skill helped you?
It makes me more confident whenever I go on a picnic outside. I’m always responsible for the BBQ.

Do people in your family know this skill, too?
My younger sister knows how to cook, too. She has just started learning.

Do all skills need learning?
Yes, they do. ‘’Practice makes perfect.’’

How is this skill important to you?
It’s an essential life skill. All women need to know this to keep their own family warm and happy.

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