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Who wrote the letter to you?
My dad wrote the letter to me when he was on a business trip.

Do you still keep the letter?
Yes. I put in a folder. Whenever I’m down, reading his letter would be a good way to cheer me up.

What was the letter about?
He told me about his new workplace and how things were there.

How did you feel about the letter?
I was glad to know that he was fine in another city.

Do you have a letter collection?
Yes. I collected all the letters from family and friends. It’s one of my hobbies.

Do you like writing letters or emails?
I prefer writing paper letters.

Do people in your country usually write letters?
Yes, but years ago. Now people prefer emails more.

What is the difference between emails and hand-written letters?
Emails are much more convenient than letters because of its fast speed.

Why should we write letters to friends or relatives?
It’s a good way to show love to your beloved ones.

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