Ankidroid installation instruction

How to setup Anki app on Android devices

1. Install "Ankidroid Flashcards" app

Go to CH Play, search "Ankidroid" and install "Ankidroid Flashcards" app

2. Put Anki Deck into Ankidroid folder

After Ankidroid is installed successfully on your Android device, a folder name "Ankidroid" will be created on your device memory/SD card. You need to download Anki Deck and move it to this folder before going to step 3.

Note: When you purchase Anki deck package, the Anki deck file (.apkg) is put inside a compressed zip file. You need to extract this zip file first, then move the .apkg file to Ankidroid folder.


- Use apps such as ZArchiver or 7Zipper to extract zip file.

- Use File Manager app to move .apkg file to Ankidroid folder.

3. Import Anki deck into Ankidroid app

Run Ankidroid app, then follow the steps below:

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