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Speak English easily by Learning common phrases and sentence patterns

I know, this is not so-called "a secret", but MANY people make this mistake: They learn individual words and grammar rules and then try to put them together to make a correct sentence.

It's not a NATURAL way to learn English speaking. That’s not how children learn language. That’s not how native English speakers learned to speak English.

Some of my students know more than 5,000 words and are very good at English grammar but cannot speak English well because of this poor learning strategy.

There is a MUCH BETTER way: Learning common phrases and sentence patterns. It’s the first secret.

“An interesting fact is that if you know only 1 phrase, you can create hundreds of correct sentences. And if you know about 300-400 phrases and sentence patterns, you will be AMAZED to learn how well you can speak.”

Don’t waste your time learning individual words. Learn phrases instead. You will improve your English speaking fluency MUCH faster.


Improve your Fluency with Shadowing technique

Okay, you know that learning phrases and sentence patterns is THE KEY to speaking English fluently, but HOW do you learn them effectively?

By reading? Listening? Listening and repeating?

Not the most effective way!

The best way?

The shadowing technique!

What is shadowing?

It is a language learning technique developed by an American professor named Alexander Arguelles.

With this method, you need an English audio clip you want to study. Then simply repeat – or "shadow" – what you hear, almost simultaneously with the recording.

The goal is to sound like a native speaker. In other words, you imitate the pronunciation, intonation, stress, chunking and so on.

Why this technique?

When you apply the shadowing technique, you will create neural connections in your brain. When it comes to speaking, you can create proper sentences quickly, accurately and immediately without having to think about it.

What's more is that shadowing helps you "think in English" because you don't have to translate back and forth in your mind. It also helps you improve your listening and pronunciation skills because you must listen carefully in order to repeat.

One more benefit of this technique is that it familiarizes your mouth with the physical movements required to produce the sounds, so you can reduce your accent and get closer to the native pronunciation.

Basically, it's "fake it until you make it". When you try to sound like a native speaker, soon enough you won't have to fake it anymore. You will ACTUALLY speak like a native speaker. In other words, this powerful technique will help you achieve native-like fluency faster than ever.


Learn 2-3 times faster with Spaced Repetition Software

Even if you apply both of these secrets, there is still one BIG problem: remembering and recalling what you have learned.

You know what? The most frustrating thing when learning English is that you can learn a phrase today and then forget it...tomorrow. When the time comes to speak, you cannot RECALL words and phrases IMMEDIATELY.

Sadly, it's true. Many studies have shown that we forget about 75% of what we learned in just 48 hours, and forget up to 90% in just one week!

The ONLY way to remember language patterns is to REVIEW them.

However, a BIG problem arises.

If the number of lessons is low, you will have no problem reviewing. But when the lessons include thousands of words and hundreds of phrases, regular review becomes an extremely difficult – if not impossible – task.

You can spend lots of time learning vocabulary words and English phrases, but you cannot remember many of them, so you are wasting most of your time and effort.

The good news is that there is a solution to help you solve this problem.

Introducing: The Spaced Repetition Software (SRS). 

It's a special reviewing method to help you memorize information right before you start to forget it.

This is the best reviewing system ever. You remember the most with the least amount of time and effort. With an SRS, you don't waste time reviewing things you know well; you review only things you really need to review.

With SRS, you can learn thousands of words and hundreds of phrases within only 15-30 minutes per day.

You might see a phrase a few minutes after the first time, then a few days later, then a few weeks later, etc., always at the time you most need to see it to ensure it is constantly fresh in your mind.

You don't have to worry about your bad memory anymore. You will remember all the phrases NATURALLY and EFFORTLESSLY.

In terms of SRS, Anki is one of the best options out there. It's an extremely popular software program among language learners all over the world.

The great news is, it's totally free!

You need to put all your lessons into Anki and then simply take advantage of the SRS reviewing system. You will learn and remember more with less time and effort.

some bIG challenges

If you apply all 3 "secrets" above, you will improve your English speaking ability REALLY FAST. However, there are some BIG challenges here.

You probably don't know which phrases and sentence patterns to learn, right? And even if you know what to learn, it's NOT easy to get audio recordings (of a native speaker) to apply the shadowing technique.

 Furthermore, to review them effectively, you must put all the lessons into Anki, which takes TONS of time.

Fortunately, we have good news for you:


Anki Deck: 399 Common phrases and sentence patterns

Improve Your English Speaking Faster Than Ever

To help you overcome all these challenges, we’ve put together EVERYTHING you need, so that you can start right away.

We’ve created a pre-made Anki deck including 399 common English phrases and sentence patterns.

When you finish these 399 lessons, your English speaking ability will have jumped to the next level. You will speak English much more easily and much faster than before.

what does it look like?

What students say?


After 1 month learning with this Anki deck, I can feel the improvement in my English speaking. Now I can speak English more quickly and easily. Especially, I love the Shadowing method. It's like a game and I have so much fun learning this way. Thank you again for your great material.




What I like most is that when learning with Anki, I know exactly how many new lessons to learn and how many lessons to review everyday. It makes me feel less stress than learning with other books and courses. 

Emma Stewart


Thank you very much! I wish I knew Anki and your lessons before. Super easy to use, many useful phrases with high quality audio. I use Ankidroid app on my smartphone and it allows me to learn anywhere, anytime without having to sit in front of my computer. Highly recommend to anyone who want to improve English speaking.


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