Talking About Health and Illness in English

Here are some common sentences and expressions that you can use when talking about health and illness.


Asking about health:

 What’s the problem?
 What are your symptoms?
 How are you feeling today?
 Are you feeling any better?
 Do you have any allergies?
 How long have you been feeling like this?
 Do you have any medicine to take?


Talking about general illness:

 I’ve got a slight headache.
 I’ve got a sore throat.
 I have a high blood pressure.
 I have pain in my back.
 I’m in a lot of pain.
 My head is spinning.
 I’m having difficulty breathing.
 I have a stomach ache.
 I’m not sleeping very well at the moment.
 I’m not feeling very well.

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s.m.i.m.k.siriwardhana - August 20, 2017

We can improve our knowedge,speaking ,wrtting,listening ,reading english verry well


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