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What kind of presents are popular in your country?
It depends on the receivers. For children, toys are the best choice. For the youth, souvenirs are recommended.

Who gave presents to you? In what occasions?
I have received many presents, most of which were from my friends. They gave me on my birthday.

What was your last present?
It was a hand-made doll, given by my best friend when I moved house to another city.

What was the one you like best?
I loved the book named ‘Nepal’ a lot. It was given on my 23rd birthday by my brother.

Did you ever get the present you didn’t like?
Yes, I did. But I still treasured them and took care of them carefully.

How do you thank people who gave you presents?
I gave them back the presents that they liked.

What are the times of the years that people give presents in your country?
Some special occasions are birthday, wedding, graduation day, New Year holiday, valentine’s day, housewarming ceremony, etc.

Who was the last person you gave present to?
That was my mom. I bought her a coat on a business trip to Bangkok.

Is present giving important in daily life?
Yes, it is. It is one of the best ways to show your love and gratitude to someone.

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