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Who is your favorite politician?
She’s Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton, an American politician.

Where is she from?
She comes from the USA.

Does she appear on TV?
Yes, quite often. She usually shows up on TV in news program.

What is appealing in her?
She’s the First Lady of the United States.

Is she famous?
Of course. She’s well – known all over the world.

Does she have a great influence on people?
Yes. I think so. She fights for the human’s rights. She has a very controversial and influential speech that ‘human rights are women’s rights and women’s rights are human rights.’

Do you want to be like her?
Being a politician is never my dream, actually.

Why do you admire her?
Since she’s one of a few women who succeed in politics.

What did she do that you can tell others?
Oh, a lot of things. She cares for people’s health. She also tackles the issues of adoption and family safety.

What do people think about her?
She’s one of the greatest politicians ever. People may have the same thought as me.

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