Outdoor Activities

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What outdoor activity do you participate?
I do many, but my favorite one is jogging.

Where do you do it?
I go jogging in the park near my place.

Who do you do outdoor activities with?
I usually go jogging with my family.

Who shares the same interest with you?
My family, especially my dad. We usually jog together.

How often do you take part in outdoor activities?
Every morning, except the rainy days.

How do you feel after the activities?
I feel really relaxed and refreshed.

What benefits can you get from outdoor activities?
It’s a good workout method. Jogging is also a good way for me to charge batteries for a long day working.

Do you usually play sports outdoor?
Yes, I do. I play volleyball and swim outdoor.

Why are children less interested in outdoor activities nowadays?
Children nowadays prefer high-tech gadgets like computer, iPad, phone to outdoor activities.

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