Expressing Cause and Effect in English

We often use some words and expressions such as because, since, due to, as, thanks to, therefore, so to talk about cause and effect.


 I help you because I like you.
 I study hard because I want to pass the exam.
 We have to go home since we have no idea where to go next.
 You need to hurry up since it’s very late now.
 I can’t go out as it’s raining.
 I can’t run fast as I’m too fat.
 I love you, so I will do everything to make you happy.
 I didn’t eat anything, so I’m very hungry now.
 We had to cancel the picnic because of bad weather.
 I did it because of you.
 The flight was canceled due to the storm.
 I came home late due to the traffic jam.
 He didn’t work hard. As a result, he was fired.
 I was busy this evening. Therefore, I couldn’t come to your party.
 Thanks to his hard work, he got a raise.

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