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Have you ever been in any traffic accident?
Yes, 3 years ago.

What happened?
I was hit by a car while crossing the road.

How do you feel then?
I felt really terrible because of the injuries.

Who was involved in the accident?
The car driver, his whole family inside the car and me.

Did the insurance company pay for repair service?
Well, I was walking then, so it wasn’t related to the repair service.

Did you need a lawyer then?
No. I got my lower back hurt just a little, so we didn’t call the lawyer.

Did you report the issue to the police?
No. At that time we didn’t want to get the police involved.

Were you sent to the hospital after the accident?
No. The injury wasn’t really serious.

Have you got a driving license?
Yes, I have. I always put it in my purse.

Why should people obey traffic regulations?
To protect themselves and others. The best ways are to wear helmet, wait for the traffic lights and follow the appropriate vehicle travel lanes.

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