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Who is your best friend?
It’s Jenny. She is my best friend.

What does she look like?
She has shoulder-length brown hair. I just love her lovely smile.

How and when did you meet?
I first met her when we were in high school.

How often do you see this friend?
I see her every day. We are in the same class.

How is she like?
She is not only thoughtful but also very understanding. She’s always by my side to cheer me up whenever I’m in trouble.

Do you and her share anything in common?
Yes, a lot. We both love shopping and playing sports.

What do you and her do together?
We usually do homework and read books together.

Have you and her ever quarreled?
Yes. We seldom quarrel. But after all the trouble, we seem to understand more about each other.

Does she know how to cook?
Yes, but she’s not really a good cook.

Do your parents like her?
Yes, a lot. They always ask Jenny to come over for dinner.

Why is a friend important in life?
A good friend may make your life better in many ways. I bet no one can stand loneliness.

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