099. You can never… too…


->”You can never be too careful driving”  means that you should always be very careful, and that there is no such thing as being TOO careful, since the more careful you are, the better.


You can never be too careful driving.

We cannot praise him enough as a hero.

One cannot practice enough when learning a foreign language.

You can never overestimate Shakespeare’s plays.

You can never over-emphasize the importance of physical training.


A: Where is Allen? He’s late.

B: Did you give him directions on how to get here?

A: He told me he already knew how to get here.

B: You can never be too sure with him.

A: Why is that?

B: Because he has a bad sense of direction and he always gets lost.

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Mohamud Ismail - November 28, 2017

Thanks keep up sending these videos


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