058. It’s your turn…


-> you’re on next .Someone’s turn is the time when they can or must do something, because they are with other people who are each doing the same activity one after the other


It’s your turn to tell a story.

It’s your turn to cook.

It’s your turn to sweep the floor.

It’s your turn to give a presentation.

It’s your turn to perform.


A: I have been washing the dishes for over a week now.

B: Well, I think you are very good at doing the dishes, so maybe you should do them for another week.

A: No, we made an agreement that we would take turns doing the dishes. Now it’s your turn to do them.

B: OK, I’ll do them. But I’ll warn you I don’t think I can do them as well as you.

A: That’s OK. I’ll give you plenty of chances to practice until you get really good at it.

B: I knew you would say something like that.

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